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               AUDITION    Sing with the Naples Carolers


The Naples Carolers are looking for qualified singers to perform with us in the Southwest Florida region. 
       Interested singers can send their resume via email to:

                            Auditions will be held by invitation and appointment only for 2022
The Naples Carolers is a professional performing group singing exclusively a capella holiday music.  We perform at venues from The Ritz Carlton, The Village and Waterside Shops, retirement homes, all the way to private residences.  Carolers are expected to be well rehearsed and portray the part of a Victorian era Caroler.  Costumes, music, accessories and pitch pipe are provided.  If invited to be a caroler, there are two employment tracks, Professional and Apprentice.  Performance engagements vary from 1-3 hours in length. Carolers are assigned engagements based on schedule availability - you may find you enjoy many performances or just a few.  Preliminary performance schedule will be ready by November 1st.

Expectations for the Professional Track- This is for those who can jump right in and perform (almost). Singer is experienced leader in part singing, possesses excellent music reading skills, can find their starting pitch from a pitch pipe, has excellent punctuality, maintains high grooming standards for performances, attends all rehearsals, and is prepared on all assigned music.  Due to the volume of music we perform, rehearsals demand the singer to study the music on their own and be ready for rehearsals to be for polishing the music only.  Rehearsals will be paid. 

2022 Rehearsal Schedule:
Performance Season begins the week of Thanksgiving (November 21-December 30)

Pay rate is based on your experience level and number of years with the group:
Apprentice Shadow Rate (see Apprentice Expectations below): $20/hour
1st Year Caroler: $35/hr
Professional or 3rd Year Caroler: $40/hr
Veteran (over 4 years): $45/hr
Distinguished Veteran (over 8 years): $50/hr
Travel stipend outside of Naples: $20 per engagement per person
Gratuities are split within each quartet.

Expectations for the Apprentice Program- This track is for passionate and dedicated singers who may lack the skills necessary to learn the entire book in a matter of weeks.  Apprentices are encouraged to make all rehearsals and be as prepared as they are able for each rehearsal.  Apprentices will sharpen and become independent in their part singing, develop excellent music reading skills, figure out how to find their starting pitch from a pitch pipe, have excellent punctuality, learn and maintain high grooming standards for performances,
attend all mandatory rehearsals, and will prepare all assigned music.  At the end of the rehearsal period I will determine if you are able to "hold your own" and be hired on to perform for this season.  Sometimes it takes a season or two for less experienced singers to learn all of the material.  Rehearsals are unpaid.  Apprentices close to performance ready may be asked to shadow a veteran for a portion of a performance.  If selected to do so, your performance time will be paid.  All apprentices qualified to perform will become 1st year Carolers at the end of the rehearsal period.

For the audition please prepare to sing a carol of your choice a capella, sing your part on Silent Night (see music below) and be ready to sight read a selection or two from our repertoire.  To schedule your audition time email Rebecca Richardson:
                                                                OR call/text (239) 537-6209.


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